Generating Cash Flow from Day 1

We believe that building services should continuously improve, not just maintain building performance. That's why we offer Energy Service Agreements. We go beyond standard preventative maintenance to not only make your building more comfortable and productive, but less costly to operate.

Energy Service Agreements

We’ve developed a unique approach to service—one that is focused on lowering your costs by identifying how your building consumes energy and things you can to do to immediately begin eliminating wasted energy. We offer a variety of Energy Service packages that combine latest technologies with old-fashioned attention to detail that will identify specific problem areas where significant savings opportunities exist. You’ll see how any additional cost of our Energy Service Agreement over a standard maintenance agreement will be more than offset by utility bill savings, generating positive cash flow from Day 1.

Lower Energy Costs:

Following the lead from the BOMA Energy Efficient Program (BEEP) to identify low-cost and no-cost savings tactics, we address many of the most common energy-wasting culprits.

Maintenance that Pays for Itself:

We can identify immediate operating costs savings that in many cases will pay for the entire cost of the service agreement - freeing valuable cash for other parts of your business.

No Surprises:

With an Energy Service Agreement with us you get a structured approach for reducing energy costs and a superb maintenance program. This means no surprises when you see your utility bill or from unexpected equipment breakdowns.

Step 1 - Benchmark Energy Costs:

We’ll complete an EnergyBenchmark™ using EPA’s ENERGY STAR® guidelines. By reviewing your energy consumption we see how efficient your building is today and estimate the energy savings that can be expected.

Step 2 - Identify Cost Saving Opportunities:

We'll use the latest in energy analysis technology to gain insights into how your building is performing and identify specific actions you can take to start saving energy NOW.

Step 3 - Propose and Implement Retrofits:

We'll facilitate the implementation of energy-saving recommendations, starting with low and no-cost items first. If larger capital items can be justified, we'll work with you to plan and execute those projects within your available budget.

Step 4 - Continuous Energy Monitoring and Diagnosis:

We’ll monitor your building’s energy use 24x7, immediately alerting you if issues arise. It’s like having a full-time energy manager on staff for only a few dollars per day.