Energy & Sustainability

Energy Costs typically account for 30% of the total cost of operating a building. How does your building stack up?

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We provide a full range of energy services including:

·        Energy Benchmarking

·        Performance Contracting

·        Central Plant Replacement

·        Expansions and Upgrades

·        Facility Energy Management

·        Design Build Operate Maintain (DBOM)

·        Energy Auditing

·        Renewable Energy Design/Build

·        Sustainable Design Services

To stay on top of your energy use and understand what is happening day by day, we offer Energy Expert™. Developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Expert documents actual savings delivered from energy projects and continuously monitors your building’s performance to ensure savings are persistent over time. This sophisticated, yet easy-to-understand software application creates a baseline of how your building consumes energy, and uses an expert systems analysis to compare actual against expected performance every hour of every day.

Energy Expert puts your energy use in perspective. How does today compare to yesterday? The last 30 days? The last 12 months? And what are potential problems? Armed with this information, we will constantly monitor your building and identify areas for improvement, as well as react to alerts that your building’s energy usage is out of range and help avoid high peak demand charges.

We will set up alerts in the system so we will always know how your building is using energy. If you go over your expected usage, we will let you know. This will protect you against energy waste that often occurs if system performance degrades over time.