HP Leadership

HOLADAY-PARKS attracts leaders who have vision, passion, creativity, and sensitivity to the world around them; these qualities bring out the very best in all our employees.

Leadship - Team Meeting

HOLADAY-PARKS, Inc. was founded in 1889 and is currently one of the largest full-service mechanical contractors in the Pacific Northwest with offices in Seattle, Washington and Fairbanks, Alaska. HOLADAY-PARKS specializes in fabrication, installation and service of educational, commercial, industrial HVAC, plumbing and piping systems, with a division in controls and energy services.

HOLADAY-PARKS is a corporation. The day-to-day operations of the company are led by the Managing Principals, BJ Giri, Dave Beck, and Dan Connell. Each of them has 20 plus years of experience in construction finances, sales, project management, and operations. The Managing Principal team facilitates innovation in others through an organic leadership style. HP’s organic leadership method fosters group cohesion, efficiency and consistency as well as innovative thinking. They support the natural leaders within the company to foster energized, growing teams. Our teams are trained to be flexible and react quickly, easily and confidently to changes. We believe this type of leadership gives our customers a creative, dynamic, and cohesive approach to each one of their projects.

The construction industry is heading in to some exciting years full of positive changes and new challenges. HP leadership is constantly striving to develop adaptive and creative solutions, as well as promote employee growth.

Our projects run the gamut from small tenant improvement upgrades at $1,000 to design-build high rise towers at $180 million (the Bravern Shops and Residences in Bellevue, WA).