Life Safe Work Safe

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At Holaday-Parks safety is a way of life – not just paperwork, codes, and regulations. We integrate safety in all facets of our projects.

Hazard assessment planning is done each and every day. We follow our Stretch and Flex Routine with a collaborative pre-task session that allows all crew members to actively participate in the planning process. This process includes correct installation processes, the right tools, the right safety equipment, and the right installation plans. 

Along with our collaborative planning, we encourage our employees to make safety a habit in their everyday lives outside of the construction zone. When safety is integrated into daily routines, safety on the construction site improves as well. We strive to create a safe and healthy jobsite that not only benefits our own employees but all other members of the jobsite team.

With this philosophy, Holaday-Parks has created a safety culture throughout our company. We hold each other accountable to Live SAFE Work SAFE.

"The PCL Team at the Bravern would like to send our appreciation for the hard work you have spent helping us achieve our first deck pour on time and with an impeccable safety record (zero incidents). To date with your leadership and teamwork mentality, the project has progressed very smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the project safety, quality, and schedule." - PCL Construction