Specialty Architectural Metals


Our 7200 square foot welding shop is second to none. No job is too large or too small. We weld the following directly in our shop:

·        Utility and snow machine trailers

·        Stainless hepa-filter boxes for operating rooms

·        Custom barbeques

·  Boat and RV gas and water tanks, windshield frames, consoles, storage boxes, hull repair and replacement

·        Pipeline clamps and boom vanes

·       Custom kitchen equipment (both residential and commercial)

·        Metal sculptures and monuments

·        Repair of tanker truck containers

Our state-of-the-art sheet metal shop has the ability to fabricate custom metalwork for your commercial, industrial, or residential projects such as:

·        Architectural metal building skins

·        Kitchen stove hoods in stainless or copper

·        Stainless steel containers for radio transponders

·        Flashing

·        Pipeline jacketing and banding

·        Signs and low-relief metal artwork