Preconstruction to Construction

Our Account Executives, Engineers, CAD Professionals, Detailers, and Project Managers get involved early in the Project Process. We strive to produce optimum mechanical systems that provide comfort, efficiency, and sustainability for our customers. We do this by

  • Assessing the site building systems and building technologies
  • Determining critical environments
  • Discussing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing schematic design and coordination
  • Analyzing energy and cost savings and value-engineering options
  • Finalizing a project schedule that identifies key roles and deliverables
  • Establishing a logistics plan that covers safe transportation of materials to and from sites

Once designs are finalized, we hand them over to our onsite shops, which fabricate, assemble, package, and transport our products to the construction sites for our field crew to install.

Having all of our staff in-house results in

  • Seamless communication across multiple teams
  • Reduced costs associated with assembly, packaging, and transportation
  • On-time delivery and installation
  • Limited site assembly
  • Reduced potential safety issues