Building Automation Systems

Our expertise is with delivering BACnet and LonWorks “open protocol system” platforms. These types of Direct Digital Control (DDC) installations allow great flexibility in design and in product selection by utilizing the best available in the market based on your specific project requirements, and will provide you a sustainable building infrastructure.

Our primary product is Distech, while our secondary is KMC. Both of these allow for any and all controllers to reside seamlessly on a single BMS network, thus allowing you to not be locked into one BAS manufacturer.

For our management software and graphical interface solutions, we use the Niagara Tridium suite of web-based products, both AX and N4 platform(s). These software solutions provide robust trending, data collection, and scheduling capabilities.

All of our technicians and programmers are certified in both the AX and N4 platforms. Our team produces design drawings and graphics in-house, and assembles our own DDC panels, making us a one-stop shop for your BAS solutions.